CLIMOD Usage Policy

The High Plains Regional Climate Center CLIMOD system is available to registered users on a subscription basis.

***Starting October 1, 2013, the High Plains Regional Climate Center will no longer be charging for data available through the CLIMOD system.***

Establishing an account

If you would like a free account, please contact us. We will supply you with a username and password for free access. When your “account balance” nears $0, contact HPRCC and we will add more funds to the account for free.


We have attempted to make the CLIMOD system compatible with the current versions of the most common web browsers (such as, Internet Explorer and Firefox). The system does make use of JavaScript, so be sure this option is enabled in your browser's preferences. CLIMOD also uses "cookies" to maintain user settings. Therefore, your browser should be set to accept cookies.

We cannot provide support for the software and hardware on the user's side. The procedures for viewing, printing, or saving information are controlled by the browser. If you are having trouble with those procedures, please refer to your on-line help, manuals, or the browser's technical support.


If you have any questions, you can contact the High Plains Regional Climate Center.